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A passion and need to express myself through art began as a young girl in my native Russia. Art was a pivotal part of my up-bringing as my Father spent a lot of time drawing and my older brother sculpting. In my early years, I would spent countless hours in my brother's workshop watching him make beautiful shapes come to life through sculpting trees. It was in this time that I began to draw and sketch.

My formal education as an artist began at the Artly institute in the Soviet Union where I studied painting, drawing, sculpture and various forms of applied creativity. Through my studies I developed a true passion for working with stained-glass windows, ceramics and mosaics. I continued my education in a teaching role and had the great privilege in helping develop the talent of many young Artist's - many of which became successful Masters of Art.

My family and I moved to Israel in 1992, where I studied at the prestigious Vertsgerer Art College expanding my artistic portfolio to include techniques of hot glass sculpturing and gas torching beading.

My work always begins with the materials. There may be a concept, thought, feeling or even something that I just want to get off of my chest however it is through combining the materials that my imagination and expression come alive.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I did creating it. 


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